A downloadable game for Windows

Plunge into the world of sorcery with the game Wizaria! Game in the style multiplayer arena where you will become a wizard!

Use your hands to - create deadly spells of Elements!

Fire, Water, Earth, Air - all in your hands! Upgrade your skills of Elements!

Kill the enemies and protect themselves from their spells! Dont let them win!


* Control technology with a new generation of Leap Motion (hands - part of the virtual world).

* Multiplayer.

* RPG elements.

* Game in the first person.

* Magic :)

Gameplay video:


Version 0.3 from 19.12.2014

* Added sounds and music.

* Added christmas hats :)

* Network optimization and fixing bugs.

* Preparing for in app store.

Install instructions

1) Unzip archive

2) Play :)


Wizaria(0.3).rar 30 MB